How to sell more with Insites

How to sell more with Insites

So you’ve just signed up for Insites and you’re looking to prove its value before the month is out – this blog is here to help you sell more!

Insites reports are fast, accurate and comprehensive which means our audits deliver high-quality insights, even at a local level, every time. So as a sales professional or a sales team leader, Insites audits can be a tool used to engage, convert, and retain prospects and clients.

To help you get off to a flying start, here’s our guide to using Insites audits at every step of your sales qualification, conversion and retention processes.

How to qualify leads with Insites

Qualifying leads is a long-winded, time-consuming process. As a growing company, you’ll often be juggling this process alongside all the other steps in your sales timeline. Therefore, adding Insites into your process could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. Why? Because with Insites, you can qualify a client in just 60 seconds.

Before you do anything else, make sure you have your sales CRM integrated with Insites, the Chrome extension plugin, and the Insites app. This will allow you to audit on the go and speed up qualifications whether it’s for hot leads or cold outreach prospects.

Once you’re set up and ready to go, before engaging with your prospect or inbound lead, run a report. This will give you a rundown of how their online presence is stacked. Whatever you’re selling, you’ll be able to quickly identify if your potential prospect has problems with their online presence that you can solve with your services.

It’s that easy!

Selling intangible services

It’s well known in the agency community that it’s hard to sell more intangible services like marketing, digital, design or development. Trying to explain to someone the impact of a good core web vital scoring is like trying to describe the pain of a migraine; you either understand it or you don’t…

In these situations, you can find with some clients that you’re trying to explain what SEO is which doesn’t set you up for a convincing sale. However, with trackable scores that show just how well (or poorly) your clients are ranking in these all-important areas, it’s much easier to justify the importance of improving various elements of their online presence – and why they should use your services over your competitors.

One of the ways some of our existing clients engage with both cold outreach prospects and hot leads is by sending them their audit reports. Our audits are written in jargon-free language and use a traffic light system with trackable scores to let them know exactly how their online presence is doing. Plus, they feature your manual checks which show your qualitative feedback as part of the report and will help you sell your intangible services like design and branding.

Lastly, though the report is white-labeled, you can benefit from the fact the report is run by a third-party tool showing that all the results are unbiased.

Convert your prospects with (post-project) assurance

No matter how good your proposal, presentation, or relationship with a client, it’s easy to get the post-project jitters from a client. The “but I can’t really see an impact” or “how do I know it’s improved as much as you say?” jitters.

So when you’re at the post-proposal stages, it’s well worth confirming to your client that you’ll send them an updated report after you’ve completed the project. Not only does this communicate to the client that you’re confident in your service offering and capability, but it gives the client something to benchmark your work against.

Plus, it gives you an opportunity to upsell post-project.

The post-project upsell

Your client is hotly awaiting your post-project updated audit because they want to know just how well you’ve done your job. But what they don’t realise is that just because their SEO is now all in the green, their branding, accessibility scores and performance are still lagging behind.

Why? Because they only asked you to work on SEO. So now that you’ve shown your clients how good a job you’ve done, developed a relationship with their key stakeholders, and established trust, it’s time to sell in your next project.

Using audits, you can create a whole narrative around improving your client’s site and outline an ongoing project that can not only see you securing long-term work but lead to an ongoing retainer.

Auditing your way to a retainer partnership

Want to win a retainer? Start with audits to build your vision for your clients. As we’ve already mentioned, the post-project upsell is a great way to present a long-term project plan for your clients. But cinching those all-important retainers is hard because clients don’t like to be tied into a long-term relationship.

So put your client’s fears at ease by incorporating your audits into your regular catch-ups; we recommend monthly audit re-runs at the minimum.

By engaging running regular reports, you can not only share your latest improvements with your clients but keep a track record in Insites which is stored in the history tab for you to review whenever you need to refer back to older scores.

Grow your agency with Insites

Whether you’re running or are a team member in an ambitious agency, it can be really daunting trying to grow your agency – particularly when sales numbers have been slacking. Insites was born to help folks just like you, so if you have any questions, feedback or want to say hi, you can reach out to us here.

Happy auditing!

👋 The Insites Team