Insites Insider – Q3


Welcome back! It’s been a busy 12 weeks in the Insites offices (or living rooms you might say!) as the dev team have been busy behind the scenes working away on a big project that we’re hoping to release details on soon, alongside new features and improvements that make the platform even better and more efficient for all our partners.

So what’s been happening? I’ll tell you!

Minimise errors in the report by selecting which pages you want to test

Sometimes you may run a report and the results are thrown off a little by the platform testing pages that aren’t relevant to the report, for example, the contact page. It has barely any content on it and this may throw off the scoring on the amount of content on the website, so we created a way to exclude specific pages – we’ve now developed a way to include specific pages on the site. Ensure that the platform tests the pages with the most important elements.

Track customer progress with the new report history feature

We all love to save time, and have our workload made easier and more convenient, so we’ve created a way to do this, with the new layout on our report history feature.

We’ve recently updated the look of our report history and what data features on it, so you’re able to pull up all of the historic changes and activity all in one go! It’s a perfect snapshot of the changes and progress that have been made with a customer’s website, it also gives you details on what your team members have been up to in the account. So let’s take a look at this good stuff in more detail!

The Insites Platform just got faster… and more detailed. Win-win!

Around a year ago, we released an article detailing the new crawler technology that we implemented into the platform, which was in beta mode. It’s now live for all customers.

This improvement was born of a need to ensure that our partners and customers were getting the fastest and most accurate analysis through the platform, possible. Even though we’ve made the results more accurate, this hasn’t come at the expense of speed. According to our testing, the platform is now around 20% faster!

You can save time adding leads to your Zoho CRM

Want to save time doing your everyday tasks? Well, look no further because we have integrated with Zoho, to make it faster and easier for you to store your customer data as it adds leads automatically to your Zoho CRM! 

No more duplicating work and the integration is as easy as 1,2,3!

Insites team building

Whilst we have been hard at work, we have spent some time letting our hair down and having some team bonding too (any excuse for a knees up we say!)- In September we went out for a ghost walk and earlier in the year we went rock climbing – it was a sight to behold!

We would have added a picture of the ghost walk but I think everyone was too busy being spooked to take pictures (mainly me)!

Keep a look out for our Q4 Insites Insider, which will be a yearly round-up of all of our highlights throughout 2022!