How to use Insites to grow your client’s business

How to use Insites to grow your client’s business

Sharing an online presence audit allows you to engage with your prospects, kick off service-offering conversations, and convert. But they’re not just for prospecting – audits can help you work with your client to help grow their business over the long term.

Why online presence audits

When auditing your clients, you want a full view of their online presence, not just their SEO or search traffic. With a combined report, you’re getting an overview of the prospect or client’s business, the roots of the problems they may be having and exactly how you can help them.

Identify strengths and weaknesses (again)

Understanding where your clients are excelling or falling behind is key when it comes to conversations around growth. With their audit, it’s worth spending the time with your client to talk them through the key issues and the key wins.

However, running the report once means you may be missing the opportunity to re-evaluate their online presence and find more business cases to help your client.

Why? Because the first report shows all the glaringly obvious issues. It’s more than likely going to be an overview of your client’s online presence in its worst state. But what if there are more things that they need help with?

Sure, you’ve improved their core web vitals score and their site is now on-brand, but what if they could be selling more? And what if the only thing that’s stopping them from selling more is a lack of relevant keywords?

Having a clear, and consistent, view of your client’s sites will allow you to find opportunities to continue building a relationship with your client and seek out opportunities for upselling.

How to present the audit to your clients

Presenting an online presence audit to your prospect or client is fantastic because it can help you provide an overview of their successes and weaknesses. However, it can be time-consuming for your client.

We suggest creating a clear narrative to compound the delivery of your audit. Focus on highlighting how the results are linked together, and how they’re impacting your client’s problems.

When confronted with multiple results and varying figures, it can be confusing or overwhelming; for example, they could have a high score on core web vitals but also a high score on broken links, and no understanding as to why one is a green score and the other red.

Focus your clients on the scores that matter for the project at hand, but let them know that you’re open to discussing the other points once you’ve gone through the essential points.

Create actions & validate your successes

Now you have an understanding of your client’s strengths and weaknesses, and you’ve effectively presented to them too, it’s time to create actions so you can validate your success at the end.

Creating actions

Now you’re looking to help your clients grow and ultimately upsell, you need to guide them through what they could achieve. Unlike addressing immediate or pressing issues which may be causing clients to have pressing issues, these actions look to unlock your client’s potential.

Therefore, when creating actions to grow your client’s business, you need to work on them to discuss and design their vision for the future. Once you have a clear idea of what they’re looking to achieve as a business, you need to create a project roadmap with clear actions that will allow you to upsell to your client, and continue to build trust with them too.

Validating success

When you achieve your actions, re-run the report. It’s important that you not only make sure that you’re maintaining your client’s success, but you can prove it. When you’re looking to help your clients grow, the ideas for growth often come from you, which means it’s more important than ever to validate your successes.

You can do this by re-running the report and highlighting the scores you’ve improved. For a quick cross-comparison, you can head to the history tab on your account.

Grow with your clients

With Insites, you can keep on top of your client’s online presence whether it’s for a project or over a longer period. Building your client’s confidence by monitoring their online presence will not only help you grow their business but also help you retain and upsell in the future.