How to generate more leads with Insites

How to generate more leads with Insites

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is navigating prospects through their pipeline in a bid to generate more leads. Using SEO auditing platforms like Insites can not only help you through that but also ensure you’re providing value through the entire process (and not just at the beginning).

Prospects (and why your pipeline should cover cold outreach)

You may have guessed this one, but in case you’re not already doing so, sharing an audit with a prospect is a great way to engage them with your service offering.

This is because moving prospects through your pipeline can be difficult when you’re trying to sell services that are often intangible and hard to attribute to hard data. However, with an SEO auditing tool, this is where you can grab their attention. Show your clients exactly where they are going wrong, and the solutions you can offer them to improve their scores and performance.

Top tip:

There’s a step before this that most folks miss; cold outreach is bound to yield more when you offer your prospects a free audit when you first reach out, as this will offer a hook for your prospects to cling on to.

Lead qualification

So a lead has come through to you, but you’re not sure if they’re the right client for you? Use an SEO auditing tool to gauge the state of their site to understand:

  • What help do they need?
  • Is this something you can help with?

For example, you could find yourself a client in your target sector, but spending resources on trying to engage with that client could prove fruitless if their site is running and performing well. Alternatively, a lead that comes through to your inbox could show on an SEO audit report that not only do they need help with their SEO, but you could also help them with their PPC strategy, and so on.

Having an audit to hand will better help you, and your team, establish through the BANT method whether your prospect could become a worthwhile lead to chase.


Once you have engaged your prospective client with an audit of their website, why not motivate them to close the sale by comparing them to their competitors? Whether you’re aggregating competitor results or using a tool like Insites, where you can compare your would-be clients with up to 3 competitors, comparing to competitors will let you show them where they’re doing better and how you can help them overtake.

Key point

Most SEO audits don’t include manual checklists. Depending on your tool, either you can include your parameters to measure (i.e. is the branding consistent across the website?) to track items that are a simple yes or no on your auditing tool or your report. Hard figures will strongly back up your manual checks that could include design relevance or whether their site is ‘on brand’.

Closing the sale

When you come to close the sale, or come to the end of your pre-contract pipeline, using an SEO audit report to set the benchmark of the improvements you will be delivering will better help you cinch the deal. And more importantly, give your team a QA benchmark to work towards when you are improving the site.

Customer satisfaction & upselling

Once you’ve finished improving your client’s site, you can show your clients just how much you’ve achieved. With two score reports to compare (the first when they were a prospect and the second after you’ve completed the work), you can effectively show your customers how and where you have made improvements to their online presence. Looking to re-engage the client? With the latest report, it becomes clear to the customer that you can add further value through additional work. Plus, with competitor analysis, you can show them how they now rank in comparison.

Insites audits everything, not just SEO

Insites audits don’t just look at your client’s SEO figures; our handy platform looks at your prospect’s whole online presence. Better yet, it delivers trackable scores across their whole marketing mix in just 60 seconds and delivers an easy-to-understand full report too.

Want to try Insites for yourself? Explore the platform with a 14-day free trial.

Happy auditing! 👋

The Insites Team