Riding the voice
search wave

31% of smartphone users worldwide are already using voice search at least once a week. Add Smart Speakers to the mix and the importance of being “voice searchable” is clear and growing.  It is essential all businesses can be found using voice searches on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

Speak and they will come

Make sure your SME customers are ready for voice

Our comprehensive check looks to see if a business will ride the voice search wave or be sunk because 58% of people already use voice search to find information about local businesses.  We highlight if a business has complete listings, accurate contact details and opening hours so that the assistant can easily answer the most common search queries.


A siri icon surrounded by the words ticked and crossed, website, address, hours and telephone

More than a website test

We don’t just look at the website but at all the digital marketing factors surrounding a business’ online presence including SEO, local presence, social media, reputation, Google Ads, eCommerce and much more.

Circle showing logos of Facebook, video icon, accessibility and Google maps
Voice search audits

Get voice search audits to help your clients

Whether you need beautifully branded PDFs for sales agents, a lead magnet for your marketing campaigns, or bulk data about your competitors, we can help.

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