The Buzzboard alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to Buzzboard to power your digital sales teams then consider the benefits of using Insites.

Our market-leading platform will help you identify, connect with, and convert prospects to customers and grow them throughout your customer journey.


Insites platform

Insites is designed with three focuses areas in mind:

  • Ease of configuration by Administrators
  • Ease of navigation and training for sales agents
  • Ease of understanding by business owners

We are more than just an audit. Our platform enables Sales and Marketing teams to identify, connect, and convert prospects to customers.

Insites abstract report

Let’s get this out of the way upfront. Our pricing model is based on usage, not users so our customers can scale up or down depending on the demands of their business. This model has helped many of our customers who furloughed sales agents during the COVID-19 crisis where usage dropped due to fewer sales agents actively selling. We also offer tiered pricing as volumes increase with a commitment to providing the best pricing.

Three ecommerce pricing cards
Robust online presence tests that are easy to configure

From website build quality to SEO to Google My Business and listings data, paid search, and social media, our platform lets Administrators easily toggle on and off over 80 tests that support the digital solutions you sell.

A simple slider lets you assign a weighting to each variable which is then used in the calculation of an overall online presence score as well as scores for each sub-category.

Configure the overview report using “drag and drop” to group the enabled tests to match your product offering.

Insites uses proprietary tools as well as select 3rd party partners to provide the most robust view of businesses’ online presence possible.

A drag and drop system to modify the report
Get your sales teams selling quickly

Training is quick and straightforward. Detailed explanations and configurable recommendations support each test used in the audits so the sales agent can feel confident before a call that they have all the resources needed to close the sale.

Circles with faces
Speed Sells

A sales agent’s time is valuable, and so we have made our testing FAST. Most businesses can have their online presence audited within one minute and ready to share via email, link, or PDF with the customer.

Insites dashboard showing a speed test meter
Show improvement over time with historical reporting

In-life management of customers is critical to retention and up-selling. Our platform offers the ability to schedule regular audit updates to be sent directly to the customer. Also, sales agents can show the current audit results against any previous audit showing improvement over time as well as upsell opportunities. Prove to your customers that you are doing what you promised.

Abstract dashboard showing a graph of reports issued over time
Use competitor comparisons to close the sale

Competition motivates many small businesses, so we provide a simple and easy way to share reports highlighting one business’s results against another. Share via a link, pdf, or directly from our email service and show point by point how your customer stacks up against the competition.

Insites dashboard showing a comparison test
Coach sales teams with built-in management tracking tools

The Insites platform allows management to track individual and team activity. Managers can use this information to coach teams and individuals on how best to use the platform to get results. The built-in emailing function also tracks emails sent directly to customers and can be used in measuring conversion.

Image of the detailed audit focusing on video testing

Got your own applications? No problem. Our API allows you to integrate Silktide Prospect’s analysis into your own applications. Our API is RESTful and communicates using JSON.

A code interface detailing the Insites API
Salesforce and Hubspot integrations

Our platform works seamlessly with both Salesforce and Hubspot. We understand the time, money, and training invested in these CRMs, so we make it easy to incorporate our tool into your sales process.

Image of the connected integrations that work with Insites
Effective Lead Gen with multiple user journeys

Everyone is always looking to get more qualified leads into their sales funnel. We support that through our Lead Gen which supports multiple user journeys to fit your business approach. Our experience with customers across the globe using our Lead Gen tool can help you drive better leads into your sales teams.

An email window showing the message of a new hot lead

As an Enterprise customer, your account with us will be fully white-labelled. Custom domains, favicons, logos, and specific product names can all be tailored to fit your brand.

A Insites dashboard showing how to white label
Bulk testing and Prospecting

We have the capability and capacity to help businesses identify high potential targets through Bulk analysis which can quickly analyse tens of thousands of companies at one go. It can be used for segmentation, benchmarking, personalised email campaigns, or PR.


Excel spreadsheet with lists, checks and crosses