Our enhanced Google Ads check has just been updated

Why accessibility should be included on your online audit

The Insites platform gives you an audit on any site in just 60 seconds, and that includes an overview of any prospect or client’s Google Ads strategy. This includes giving you a full overview of what their current spend is, the search terms they’re using, and more. But until recently, our data sources have only been around 95% reliable for small businesses; meaning around 1 in 20 businesses would not have their ads flagged on an audit. Obviously, this wasn’t ideal. So we’ve released an update and it’s a good’n.

Google Ads check is more reliable than ever

It’s fair to say that our biggest complaint was that the Google ads data was not accurate enough. We understand it’s a pain when you’re trying to qualify prospects or sell to SMBs and you’re not getting the correct information. However, we’re pleased to announce that our latest update means our Google Ads check is now 100% accurate! 🥳

There is just one caveat…

Remember! We only check ads pointing to the website you’re testing. If a business is running ads to another website or 3rd party landing page, those still won’t get picked up. Remember to bear this in mind when talking to clients.

What about other site auditing tools?

We thought you might ask that, so we’ve done the research for you. When testing Semrush, Similarweb, Spyfu we found that they all delivered less than 50% accuracy for SMBs because they typically have smaller budgets and often advertise for niche terms. We found this was because these tools have data on which businesses have been seen in Google search result pages and for what search terms. They’re using this data to work backwards and work out which businesses are running Google Ads and how much their spending.

But this is a flawed approach because these tools can’t look at every Google search result page ever. For an SMB, small budgets and obscure keywords are the norm, they’re likely to be excluded from these searches and see reports falsely exclude their ads efforts.

So when it comes to auditing SMBs, trust in the knowledge that Insites delivers accurate Google Ads so that you can deliver a site audit to your prospects or clients with confidence.

Disclaimer: there are some caveats

Is your Insites report not picking up ads? Though our tool is 100% accurate, there can be some pesky reasons as to why we can’t pick up either your own or your client’s ads.

  • Some ads may be age restricted and can only be viewed in the Google Ads center
  • The ads were taken down for a policy violation
  • The ad format may not be supported by Google
  • There may be a delay before the ad is discoverable – sometimes up to 72 hours
  • The ad hasn’t been served in the past 30 days
  • The ad has since been removed by the advertiser
  • The Google ad account may not be verified

Happy auditing!

The Insites Team 👋