Insites just got faster and better: For everyone!

Insites just got faster

Speedy Mite is now out of beta and available to everyone

Around a year ago, we released an article detailing the new crawler technology that we implemented into the platform.

This improvement was born of a need to ensure that our partners and customers were getting the fastest and most accurate analysis through the platform, possible. The result is the new spidering approach we call “Speedy Mite.”

So, what’s different?

Previously, we downloaded the homepage in a real browser and then looked at the raw code on the other pages. We would then analyse the site sequentially, which extended the time needed to analyse the whole site, especially larger ones. 

Now, whilst the platform was already fast, efficient and very accurate, we knew that we could be even better, so we set about doing just that.

Through some clever thinking and testing by our tech team, we now download all the pages in a real browser to “see” what the site visitor would see and provide a more accurate view of the website’s performance.  

How will that improve the reports?

Even though we’ve made the results more accurate, this hasn’t come at the expense of speed. According to our testing, the platform is now around 20% faster!

We have also given our users the ability to set whether it is a mobile spider (to match Google’s mobile-first crawling) or a desktop spider. Of course, regardless of which one you choose, we will always check the homepage on both devices.

Because of the increase in performance, you can now decide if you want to analyse between 5 and 30 pages for each website, and we will still fall into the 30-90 secs average for the results depending on the tests you have enabled. Win win! 🥳

Speedy mite has now been implemented into the platform and is available to everyone – If you’d like any more information please speak to your Account Manager.