Insites Insider – New features and Improvements

Insites Insider

The team here at Insites are always busy tinkering away at new features and improvements, so here is a round-up of all that went on in Q2. We call this our Insites Insider, where we highlight all the new features and improvements to the platform.

Click on a score to view a breakdown

You can now click on a score to see a detailed breakdown of the scores that are attainable vs the scores that have been achieved.

You can click the overall score to view a breakdown of the scores by section, but you could also click the subsection scores to get a breakdown of that subsection.

Having visibility over where there is room for improvement is the perfect tool to help your sales reps upsell, to help their customers improve that element of their score. After all, who doesn’t want top marks?!

Google Business Profile

Google, in all of its Google glory, has made yet another change. This time it is to the name of their business listing service; it’s now named Google Business profile, abbreviated to GBP.

The same great info on our tests – just a new name!

Report history

View a detailed history of your reports with the new ‘History’ feature! You can find this toward the top right of the platform under the clock icon. You can see when the reports have been generated, when changes have been made to settings, who made the changes, and you can see the changes to the site’s score historically all in one place.

This is great for tracking the increases in customer scores over time since they’ve been working with your sales reps! Alternatively, it could be a great way for your sales reps to keep track of customers whose website scores have decreased. They can then jump on the opportunity to sell any products that will get the customer’s scores back on track.

Email address suggestions when using share report by email

The platform now auto-suggests any email address it finds whilst crawling the website! This can save your sales reps time trawling the websites for email addresses and give them the opportunity to reach even more people when running reports for a business.

These suggestions will appear below the field where you input the email addresses; simply click on each email address you’d like to use!

Google Universal Analytics

We now flag websites using the old version of Google Analytics when running a report. Google has made an official announcement that “On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data.“ However, Google will still let you see your Universal Analytics reports for a period of time after July 1, 2023.

This is a golden opportunity for your sales reps to identify those websites that are using GUA and offer them an alternative analytics solution in time for the changes in July next year.

Keep a look out for our Q3 Insites Insider, as there’s lot’s more exciting features coming your way!