Insights from Insites – now LIVE!


Use the new Insites Tracker to benchmark your website’s performance against thousands of SMBs

Ever wondered how your sites compare to the industry average? Well, we have an excellent place for you to start.

We have just launched our first Insites Tracker, which every month shows you how thousands of Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) crossing our platform are doing on key performance measures.  You can find it on our homepage here.

Given the current spotlight on Google’s Core Web Vitals and User Experience (CWV) becoming a ranking factor, we thought that would be an excellent first Insites Tracker. 

(BTW – You can read our blog post from June about CWV and our take on the results of 200,000 SMBs sampled from our platform).

Why are you launching a Tracker?

We want to share our data so people can get an idea of how the broad SMB market is performing and perhaps even help drive an overall improvement in the SMB market by providing this type of benchmark data to agencies. 

And, since our Insites platform is about insights into SMB’s online presence and also about saving people time in collating and presenting information, we thought it made a lot of sense.

The best source for SMB performance

The data in the CWV Tracker is made up almost exclusively of thousands of SMBs tested on our platform every month. Other trackers look at the whole market, which can skew the data when including large brands and heavily trafficked sites.

Insites objective is to help SMBs and the agencies that service them succeed and grow in the evolving digital marketplace, so we want to know how they perform and not the mega brands.

Constantly refreshed

The CWV Tracker is updated with the latest data every month from our platform.  By using fresh data every month, we can see trends emerging from the mass of data over a period of months that would not be visible if we just looked at the same sites.

This is just the start!

We will continue to add new trackers in the coming months because we know there are a lot of website features that matter to you, such as Performance Score, SSL, eCommerce, booking systems and many more.

So sign up to receive notifications when the CWV tracker data is refreshed, and new trackers are added.

Also, let us know what you would like to see in the comments!