How to use Insites to grow your SMB

How to use Insites to grow your SMB


As organisations, we’re all on the quest for growth, especially if you’re an SMB. Utilising tools and software to make the path to those goals shorter and smoother is gaining more popularity and using the Insites platform for that very purpose is no exception.

Digital audits are a detailed evaluation of a business’s online presence and performance across various digital channels. By carrying out an audit you aim to analyse the health of your online presence which covers your website, local listings, social channels, paid ads and more.

Using digital audits in your SMB enables you to compile extensive and detailed data about your digital presence, helping you to pinpoint where you need to focus your marketing efforts, and enabling you to create a powerful strategy!

What is an online presence audit?

An online presence audit is a marketing and sales enablement tool. It’s used to facilitate in-depth reports on your online presence outlining the aspects which are effective and also those which could be improved.

Online audits take a deep delve into data on your website’s build, SEO, Local presence, online performance, paid search and accessibility to name a few.

*All of our tests, are at a local level and that’s why it’s more relevant to you and our business (as an SMB)

Benefits of conducting audits

So what benefits will you see by running these audits?

You’ll be able to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies in your online presence, and then create strategies to fill in those gaps.

It’s not always easy to pinpoint this when you’re using several different sources of information. But by using Insites audits, you’ve got a comprehensive report that highlights what you need to improve and how you can do it.

The information and insights you gain from these audits are invaluable when it comes to strategic decision-making and you can use these results to implement effective growth strategy.

Steps to conduct your audit

  1. The first step is to gather all of the relevant information needed to run a detailed audit. such as:
    • NAP details (Name, address, phone number)
    • Website address (URL)
    • Your target keywords
    • Industry
  2. Once you’ve entered all of the above and run the audit, then you’ll want to analyse your findings. Identify the areas for improvement within the audit and prioritise them in order of importance. E.g the biggest weakness or gap would be prioritised.
  3. Then develop an action plan based on your audit results. Which areas need your immediate attention? Create a list of goals and then develop a step-by-step strategy to boost these areas and hit the goals.
  4. Once you’ve mapped out your steps and set your goals, it’s then time to implement the necessary changes and improvements to start working towards these goals. We would suggest making these goals measurable so that you’re able to analyse your progress and identify which steps are working for you.
  5. Monitor your progress with your measurable goals and make adjustments as needed. don’t be afraid to switch up your strategy if it isn’t working for you for example if it’s taking up too many resources and isn’t yielding you results.

Best practices for successful audits

There are a million and one ways you can do an online audit, so how do you get the most out of them? By using best practices.

Using tools that search at a local level

One of the ways to really get a hold of how your website is performing is to use tools that test at a local level. So you can see what people in your local area are presented with when they’re on the hunt for a business like yours.

Of course, website traffic is something we all want, but you definitely need to have a strong local presence in addition to ranking well on search engines overall.

Utilising appropriate tools and technologies

Ensuring that you’re using the best tools to give you the most accurate information is going to be crucial to your growth strategy.

Again, there are a million and one tools and technologies that you can use, to audit your website, local and online presence. So it’s essential to know which tools are going to either help or hinder your progress.

Auditing with Insites is the perfect way to quickly audit your website and online presence, however, the ease of use doesn’t compromise the quality of the information you’re receiving.

It’s ideal for SMBs looking to get easy-to-understand information and metrics on their online performance, along with actionable points that you can turn into an effective growth strategy.

Discover the power of Insites

Education is crucial when you’re looking to improve anything and the growth of your SMB is no different.

Digital audits are key in the process of obtaining growth for your SMB, as they provide vital information on how your business is viewed in the online world. Insites audits bring you that essential information in just 60 seconds, without all of the faff of sourcing it from multiple software. And best of all we search at a local level so the results are always relevant to your business locally and the search area it’s in.

There’s only one reason you’ve got to this point of the blog post and that’s because you want growth for your SMB too! So start leveraging audits for your own business to facilitate scaling to facilitate scaling and growth.