How to increase digital services sales call conversion rates

How to increase sales call conversion rates with Insites

Are your sales call conversion rates significantly less than your booking conversion rates? When you’re trying to sell any digital service, you may find that your prospects become overwhelmed or are struggling to differentiate between your service offering and the other service providers they’re talking to. When the only differentiator is price, two game-changing tactics could be the key to unlocking your sales call conversion potential.

Two tactics to up your sales call conversion rate

There are two tactics that you can deploy when you’re trying to improve your sales call conversion rates; interactive sales calls and audits. Before you dismiss this blog thinking “Well, I already do that!”, let us break down exactly what we mean by interactive sales calls and audits.

What is an interactive sales call?

Are you exclusively using the big three in your business? And by the big three, we mean Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams? While they’re great tools and a real lifeline for team members working remotely, they’re not the most sophisticated tools when it comes to selling digital services.

If you’ve prepared a mock-up, interactive tool, or even an audit you’d like to share with your clients, use a tool like Crankwheel to guide your clients through what you’re presenting in real-time while allowing them to use remote control features that allow them to interact with what you’re showing them and engage them in the sale.

The difference between desk research and a digital audit

A full digital audit for your client should give them everything they want to know about their website and more. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “my client wants to improve their site’s performance” and then producing an audit (you guessed it) solely on their site performance.

Showing your potential clients that you know about them, their business, and their online presence as a whole could not only show them their performance problems, but they could outline any other contributing factors or even problems they weren’t even aware of.

Not only does this show that you’ve done your research, but it also gives you an opportunity to upsell your services by outlining where you can help on this project, and in the future.

Top tip: ditch the desk research 🥱

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How to engage with your clients

Now you have two new tactics under your belt, it’s important to make sure you use them effectively. So here are our top tips for using these tools to your advantage:

  1. Provide a guided tour When you’re using a tool like Crankwheel to guide your client through an audit, tool demo, or mock-up, treat it less like a presentation and more like a guided tour. The idea of a collaboration call tool is to ensure that your prospects and clients can collaborate. So rather than giving your client a sales pitch, treat the part of the tool where you collaborate like a guided tour. Point them in the right direction but give them the freedom to explore; let them explore what you’re showing them and come to their own conclusions about why you are the preferred supplier.
  2. Give your clients a benchmark With an audit, it’s important to include quantifiable data; put simply, figures that you can track. Your audit should give your clients something to measure when you’re working with them. If they had 20 broken backlinks or even scored a mere 35 out of 100 on their site performance, tell your prospects that you’ll run the report again when you’ve finished the work. This gives them confidence that you know what you’re doing, and something they can measure you against later down the line.
  3. Share what you’re showing before the call So this may sound counter-intuitive because you’ll be talking them through the audit, mock-up, or whatever you’re showing them on the call, but sharing a gated, streamlined, or even whole version ahead of the call could peak their interest and engagement before you’ve even spoken to them.
  4. Define your narrative with your upsell in mind So you have your audit and collaboration sales call tool ready to go and you know what you’re going to sell; great! However, with the power of an audit that your prospects can engage with, have you considered your upsell? Whether you’re upselling services now or looking to secure work later down the line, having a narrative around the next steps will show your clients that you really know their site and that you’re invested in their growth.

Happy auditing!

👋 The Insites Team