How Insites helps your business grow

How Insites helps your business grow (whatever your goals are)

At work, the goal is always to work smarter, not harder. Juggling everything yourself, you may find that you’re going around in circles and not seeing any real growth.

So to find tools that take hours of work away from you and provide you with information that is on par with gold dust – that can only be a win right? Whatever your growth goals are, utilising Insites’ online presence audits will do just that.

Providing comprehensive online presence audits in only 60 seconds! Leaving you to get on with the important stuff; selling your products and services.

Say hello to better Insites

Why should I use Insites I hear you ask? Grab a cuppa – I’ll tell you!

Insites obtains its data from multiple, reliable data sources and collates it into one easy-to-understand audit, taking the stress and tediousness away from auditing websites and their online presence.

Utilising Insites allows you the time to focus on pitching to your prospects and focusing on the growth of your business rather than your calendar being overrun with hours of researching in the name of website audits.

Not only does Insites hand you this information on a plate but the platform also offers other great features such as:

Competitor comparison

Present a side-by-side comparison, of your clients/prospects and their local competitor’s website.

Chrome Extension

Insites has its own Chrome Extension! See whether you’ve audited a website before, without even logging into the platform with the Chrome extension. It’ll tell you what the last score for the website was, and when it was last audited

Local results

Insites is different to your average online audit in that we search at a local level so it’s always relevant to the local business and the search area.

Tracking website progress

Once your prospect signs on the dotted line, you can run a report again after you’ve done the work for the client and give them a report on their website and online presence’s progress with our progress tool.

On the other hand, if you’ve spoken to a prospect and run an audit for them and let’s say you speak to them again after a year and the score has gone down – that’s perfect leverage to open a conversation back up about how your services and expertise can help them grow their business!

In addition to just a few of the fabulous features named above, Insites has the ability to provide invaluable insights and analytics, to help cement your role as a trusted advisor. These include

  • Target and current keyword rankings
  • Best Keyword opportunities
  • Code quality
  • Heading tags
  • Local listings and whether the details on them are consistent
  • Paid search
  • Image optimisation

Enhance your website performance

Insites online presence audits give you the data needed to improve website performance too. It analyses performance-based metrics of the site like page speed, accessibility measures like colour contrast and alt text, user experience and mobile responsiveness.

These measures ultimately contribute to how many visitors a website gets and how long they’ll stay on the website. For example, if the site isn’t mobile-friendly or the colour contrast percentage is too low, this can put a lot of users off visiting the site.

Those factors make the website difficult to use and visitors who experience colour blindness and vision impairment are not going to be able to use it full stop; excluding up to 15% of the target market!

Improving SEO and search rankings

SEO is like the blood running through the veins of the internet, so it’s just as important as having a website itself. The website is essentially the brick-and-mortar shop and SEO is the sign to tell you what and where the shop is – you can’t have one without the other!

Our SEO testing is second to none and can help businesses optimise their websites for search engines, with the in-depth SEO metrics you receive in the online presence audits. insites analyses every aspect of SEO you can think of and probably more.

In your Insites audit you’ll find the following tests:

  • Alt text
  • Headings
  • Link text
  • Web vitals
  • Sitemap
  • Local Listings
  • Keyword rankings
  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • Page speed

Achieving higher search engine rankings increases your client’s online visibility, so taking the time to nurture it and developing a growth strategy around it is essential!

Businesses want to be at the forefront of people’s minds and ensuring that you increase your client‘s brand visibility via improving search rankings you’ll do just that.

Compare and convert with competitor analysis

Insites competitor analysis works by displaying a side-by-side comparison of a website and its competitors. No one wants to know that their competitor’s websites are performing better than theirs, so gaining valuable insights about the strengths and weaknesses a competitor has can give you a competitive advantage and help create benchmarks and goals for your business growth.

You can then utilise that information by using it as a benchmark and adjusting the business growth and sales strategy, to gain brand awareness, increase social and online presence and ultimately grow the business.

You can obtain competitor data such as keyword rankings, reviews, website traffic and more. So you know where to hone in and focus your efforts to make the most of the growth opportunities!

Conversion optimisation

Within the platform, you can find many features that facilitate improvement in the conversion funnel.

Seamless audits

The first one may be obvious, however, the feedback we’ve received regularly from clients, lets us know that Insites easy to read audits are one of the most effective ways to improve conversions in the sales funnels.

Our audits provide a comprehensive yet jargon-free report on a client or prospect’s digital presence. Giving you plenty of data and talking points to secure the sale!

Better conversations

Using the Insites platforms will facilitate better conversations with your clients. It provides plenty of talking points and conversation starters with the report results giving you detail on what has been tested, rather than just giving you a pass or fail metric.

For example, if a page has an SSL certificate but it’s close to it’s expiry date, the platform will score it an amber explanation. To let you know that the website has one, but it has issues opening up the space for further conversations about website security and other aspects of SEO.


You can use checklists in the platform to create a more standardised sales process for yourself or your team or even to better qualify leads during the prospecting process. You can add a list of questions or checks required during the sales process making sure that the steps to the sales process are consistent each time, so you’re able to provide a robust service.

Progress reports

Utilising progress reports can help conversions when upselling or onboarding. Compare a historical report for a business to the most current one, side by side so you can present the progress you’ve made with working with a client on their digital presence, tangibly.

On the other hand, you can use it as leverage when pitching to a prospect you might have spoken to before. If their most current score has decreased since you spoke to them initially, this can be an amazing opportunity to talk to them about how your product is a solution to their pain point.

One of the main advantages of using these tools is that they will contribute to achieving business growth objectives whilst making the sales funnel smoother and more efficient. A win-win!

Reporting and analytics

The Insites platform is filled with reporting and analytics capabilities, from progress reporting to website analytics and all the good stuff in between. Insites has developed features and tests to create a one-stop shop type of platform for all of your reporting needs, to keep providing value, keep your clients happy and keep the sales rolling in.

You can utilise:

  • Progress reports
  • Report history
  • Website analytics
  • Keyword ranking
  • SEO
  • Website accessibility and more!

Having access to this data is invaluable and the convenience of having it all collated into one report, could be the game changer your business needs to elevate to the next level. You can use the data from the reports over time, to make data driven decisions for your business and for your clients too.

Testimonials and success stories

We’ve helped plenty of businesses grow and scale – a feat that we’re super proud of!

FCR Media Belgium

Insites helped FCR Media with further qualifying leads at scale and streamlined their sales process while giving their sales reps a one-stop digital presence analysis tool.


Yell used our builder module to improve their production quality which in turn decreased their churn rates.

Want to read more of our case studies and reviews? Head to our success stories page on the Insites website or head to our G2 page.



Ready to discover the power of Insites?

We’ve had many proven successes with helping businesses and agency;’s grow with the many modules and features within the insites platform, but just to recap how we can help you:

  • Enhancing Website Performance
  • Improving SEO and Search Rankings
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Reporting and Analytics

Growth is ultimately the aim for all businesses and having the right tools and software will assist you in your quest for growth and give you that leg up to the next level. Take action and implement Insites into your sales and production processes to experience that acceleration in growth that you’ve been looking for!

Happy auditing

👋 The Insites Team