Halve your time adding prospects with our Zoho integration


No more duplicating work

Want to save time doing your everyday tasks? Well, look no further because we have integrated with Zoho, to make it faster and easier for you to store your customer data and add leads to your Zoho CRM! 

Zoho integration

In keeping with our philosophy of always striving to do better – we created an integration between the Insites platform and Zoho, to make life and workload easier for you and your team, it leaves less room for human error too! This new integration facilitates the seamless capture of leads and prospects in your Zoho CRM, halving your workload with inputting customer data and also ensuring a high level of accuracy when doing so! 

Setting up couldn’t be simpler, you just follow the link from your account settings in the platform into Zoho and log into your Zoho account – et voila! The integration is done. 

What does the integration do?

It allows you to capture all of the details of any business you run a report on, automatically which is then added directly to your Zoho CRM as a lead/prospect. Meaning you don’t have to add them into two separate places and your workload in that respect is halved! 

How do I enable it?

Have a chat with your account manager and ask them to enable it for you, then go to your account settings, find API & integrations and click ‘connect integration’. Simply log into Zoho and then you’re connected and ready to go – Couldn’t be simpler!

If you’d like any more information on our integrations, then please contact your account manager.