Ecommerce is now!

Ecommerce is becoming a requirement for many businesses to survive and grow.  Local businesses need to be able to service customers even when they can’t visit a shop personally.  Our audit identifies gaps in the market and opens the door for your agents.

These fingers are made for shopping

Business relying solely on foot traffic to drive sales is a thing of the past as people now expect to be able to shop just as easily from home online.  Make sure you can identify those local businesses who need your e-commerce solution to compete with the internet giants.

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Plugging-in is not enough

Adding Ecommerce to a website is only part of the puzzle to engage consumers.  Our audits provide a holistic view of a local business’ online presence allowing sales agents to present comprehensive digital solutions to help deliver more sales.

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Putting the Structure in ecommerce

Websites are great for users, but the information they contain is usually unstructured. Adding structured schema mark-up means the webpage can be easily understood by search engines and other friendly bots. Our audit identifies not only structured data but also product pages containing structured product information. If you are recommending e-commerce solutions and paid search solutions, we make sure you have all the information to succeed.

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Ecommerce means engaging with customers

We help you assess a businesses overall readiness to engage with customers by identifying other areas such as social media links and likes as well as live chat and booking systems.

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Ecommerce website audits

Get ecommerce audits to boost your sales

Whether you need beautifully branded PDFs for sales agents, a lead magnet for your marketing campaigns, or bulk data about your competitors, we can help.

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