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Case study

How FCR Media Belgium generated more sales by streamlining their process

FCR Media Belgium was struggling to identify potential customer’s digital presence and marketing performance and manage a consistent sales approach.

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10x Higher conversion
15% Became hot leads
13% Became customers

The challenge

FCR Media Belgium was struggling to identify potential customer’s digital presence and marketing performance and manage a consistent sales approach. The problems were:

Marketing was not able to generate qualified leads at scale to identify potential new customers or for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to existing customers.

Sales reps used multiple tools that identified the same customer problems.

Using multiple sales tools meant an inconsistent sales approach.

In many cases, sales representatives relied on their personal experience and knowledge rather than the tools provided, which led to wide variations in conversion rates and an inability to scale training and expertise across the sales teams.

Jochem Vermeiren

A measurable improvement

We can see a measurable improvement in our lead generation and conversion rates before and after Silktide, and that’s what counts.

Jochem Vermeiren Product Manager, FCR Media Belgium

The solution

FCR Media Belgium selected Insites and the “digital health check” landing page to provide an all-in-one solution to improve lead generation and give structure to the sales process.

FCR Media Belgium implemented this approach throughout the organization, and it is now used daily.

The implementation has provided a structured and measurable approach to identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at scale on existing customers and generating leads from prospective customers via the digital health check landing page. By using only one tool, the sales training and sales processes were simplified.

The Insites report provides an objective and detailed view of the website and online presence of the SME and identifies the “pain points” in a client’s digital presence, opening opportunities to sell multiple solutions. Being able to adapt Insites to FCR Media Belgium’s specific needs, including dual language support, was an important factor in the selection of Silktide as their solution provider.



Insites reports significantly improved the volume and quality of leads delivered to sales.

  • Higher engagement – Marketing activities generated 10 times higher conversion rates when prospects did a digital health check

  • Hot leads generated – 15% of landing page visitors from Facebook campaigns ran a digital health check and became hot sales leads.

  • High sales conversion – 13% of leads that performed a digital health check 
converted to customers.

  • Sales Confidence – Training on the Insites tool has provided structure and scalability to our sales presentations and given reps confidence to present multiple recommendations to customers based on objective metrics.

About FCR Media Belgium

FCR Media Belgium is the largest Belgian digital marketing agency for SMEs and the self-employed. By enabling businesses to be optimally findable on the Internet and social media, we boost their sales.

FCR Media has 50 years of experience in the SME market. A team of experts creates and optimizes websites, videos, Google and Facebook ads, and much more every day. We have a partnership with Microsoft and besides being a Google Premier Partner, we are the only Bing Ads partner in Belgium.

Customers can count on the expertise of certified specialists and a team of digital experts that optimizes the online presence of companies on various platforms, including golden pages.be. Thanks to a customer and result-oriented approach of our employees, we have around 30,000 satisfied customers in total.