Bespoke integrations

Our development team is experienced in supporting our enterprise partners with bespoke integrations that boost your sales and simplify your workflows.

Analysis integrations

Integrate your own data

Our audit can be enhanced and extended with data from your own sources. Want to show if a customer has purchased your product? No problem. Want to integrate an internal quoting tool? We can help.

A code interface detailing the Insites API
Bespoke CRM integrations

Enhance your existing sales tools

A bespoke integration to our data feed will allow you to enhance existing tools & dashboards with over 200 digital marketing signals.

Image of the connected integrations that work with Insites

Previous bespoke integrations

Here are some examples of bespoke integrations we’ve completed for our valued partners.

  • A multinational domain registrar asked us to add a feed of suggested domain names that the business owner may be interested in.

  • For a European directory company, we integrated their in-house recommendation engine that suggested the most appropriate advertising packages for a given customer.

  • For a digital marketing agency, we integrated our data feed into their business intelligence tool so that they can see the performance of their sales team at-a-glance.

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