Insites is now a legally separate company

Insites jungle

For the past year, we have been operating under the brand name Insites while still a part of Silktide Ltd., but now we have taken the next step and registered as a separate company Insites Technologies Ltd. 

We still have the same owner, but separating the two companies legally and operationally allows us to better focus on our core business of helping digital agencies, telcos, newspapers, and local search companies sell digital solutions more effectively.

Andrew Waite, one of the founding employees and the driving force behind the successful growth of Insites, has been named CEO.

Andrew started as a Software Engineer 12 years ago, but his role has expanded to leading the IT development team, product development and marketing. His knowledge and experience make him the right choice to lead Insites’ next growth stage.

Zoe Fletcher, Vice President of Customer Success, and Paul Wood, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, will report directly to Andrew.

Why the change to Insites?

The target customer for the Insites suite of products has evolved away from the core market of Silktide, so it is natural that the companies pursue those different markets as stand-alone companies.

What does this mean for me as a customer?

From a product and service view, absolutely nothing. At Insites, we will continue providing and developing the leading sales enablement tool for companies selling digital marketing services to SMBs, just with a new legal name.

When will this happen?

The process is already underway, and will we will be working with each customer individually over the coming months to make the transition from Silktide to Insites Technologies.

My contract is with Silktide today. Will that change?

Yes. We will be providing a legal document called a “novation agreement” that, once signed, will change your existing contract with Silktide to be with Insites Technologies Ltd. The contract terms will remain unchanged, but the agreement will be between your company and Insites Technologies Ltd.

Will I still pay to the same bank account?

For now, yes. We will be working individually with our customers to sign the novation agreement and update the banking details in the coming months.

We are excited about this next phase of growth for Insites and are determined to continue to develop the best sales enablement tool on the market.