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Case study

How HEROLD generated more leads and increased conversion rates

HEROLD wanted to generate more qualified leads for the sales organization, while at the same time improve the sales conversion rate and the associated revenue for websites and presence management.

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3x higher click-throughs
12% of leads converted to a sale
2x higher contract value

The challenge

A major hurdle to overcome was that potential customers did not know whether their online presence and/or website was good or bad. This meant sales reps had to use multiple tools and visuals to try to convince a business to make changes.

Martin Kargl

Delivering results

“Results are what matter and Insites has delivered a clear improvement of our results.”

Martin Kargl – CEO/CCO, HEROLD

The solution

HEROLD selected Insites as an accurate, comprehensive, and robust solution to improve lead generation and structure of the sales process.HEROLD was able to create clear call-to-actions in lead generation campaigns. The Insites reports provided an objective and detailed view of the website and the online presence of the SMB. Field-based and telesales teams were able to utilize Insites reports to produce a structured and objective assessment of a business’s website and online presence. The flexibility and adaptability of Insites’ platform was key to HEROLD’s selection of Insites as their solution provider.


Insites reports significantly improved the volume and quality of leads delivered to sales.

  • Higher engagement – Marketing campaigns with Insites reports had a 3x higher click-through (9.3% vs. 3.2%).

  • Hot leads generated – 4.7% of all targeted businesses ran a digital health check.

  • Higher contract value – Converted leads result in more than double the revenue (compared to the control group not using Insites).

  • Success in multiple sales channels – Leads were converted in telesales (10%) and field sales (90%).


HEROLD specializes in online media and marketing services, bringing together sellers with potential clients in keeping with its motto: “we connect buyers and sellers”. Around four million consumers use HEROLD’s online portals and apps to find the right local service provider.