Silktide welcomes Paul Wood

Photo by Vladislav Klapin

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Wood as Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Silktide Prospect.

About Paul Wood

Paul has been working in the local search and digital marketing industry, focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, for nearly 30 years and is a specialist in strategic planning, product development, and Go-to-Market strategies.

He has held Executive positions with FCR Media Group, ClearSense (Sweden) Herold Business Data, Verizon, and other companies in Europe and North America as well as running his own Consultancy. Most recently, Paul has worked with Siinda, the European Local Search and Digital Marketing association, on their research and content initiatives.

These experiences have given him a global perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face to maximise their competitive advantage through the deployment of digital assets in their business.

About Silktide Prospect

Silktide Prospect is a sales enablement and lead generation platform for large digital agencies. We analyse the digital presence of millions of businesses each year to provide actionable insight for marketers, sales agents and decision makers. Our global client list includes prominent web hosts, Yellow Page companies, telcos and newspaper publishers.