The Client’s Perspective: What Businesses Look for in a Successful Agency

The Client's Perspective_ What Businesses Look for in a Successful Agency

Narrowing down the best way to showcase your work and stand out as an agency can sometimes be the hardest aspect of providing services. It can take hours of thought showers and putting your heads together to create an effective marketing strategy to reach your target.

But one simple way to get a head start is to get into your client’s mind and put yourself in their shoes. In today’s post, we’ll look into what businesses look for in a successful digital marketing agency and what steps you can take to make your agency come out on top!

Understanding the Client’s Needs


The first step to really getting an understanding of anything is to conduct thorough research. Look into what the industry is missing, find out what gaps there are in the market and your target audience’s biggest pain points.

Gather key information about the business such as:

  • A website audit
  • What products or services they offer
  • What marketing strategies they currently have in place
  • Who their competitors are and how they measure up

Also, it would be beneficial for your agency to establish who your target audience is and what their goals are, so you can align your marketing efforts and solutions with them.

Expertise and Experience

One thing that anyone looks for nowadays whether it’s buying a diffuser off Amazon or going to a Chiropractor, is proven success. They will explore your agency’s reviews, case studies and even your qualifications before they sign the dotted line. So It’s crucial that you display your successes and showcase your agency’s industry-specific knowledge clearly for existing and potential customers alike to browse.

Relevant case studies carry a lot of weight in this area too. Businesses will look for examples of businesses you’ve worked with that mirror their own, so they can get a feel of how you’ll be able to help them.

Effective Communication and Collaboration

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a company whose communication is pants. So maintaining open lines of communication with prospects and clients is key to building the trust factor for your digital marketing agency. Being able to speak with someone and ask questions without having to get through a marathon of chatbots, automated phone lines and long email reply times is going to be what brings your agency out on top. 🏆

Keeping the client updated with progress reports is also going to set you apart. Your agency being proactive and providing updates before the client even has a chance to reach out and chase you, will leave them with the feeling that you really care.

Also, ensure that your agency operates in a way that is adaptable and open to client feedback. Use ways to make their customer journey consist of the least resistance!

Creativity and Innovation

There’s nothing quite like working with a company that is always coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. Evolving your agency’s products or services to create better outcomes for your clients will always win you brownie points because businesses want to know that your agency is always looking for new and interesting ways to hit their goals. This may only just be the way to save them time and money or add a bit more value.

Take the time to learn from your audience to create unique and tailored solutions for them. Making them feel that little bit more ✨special✨ that your agency takes the time to really know them and give them something suited to their business needs!

Additionally, pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box will help propel your business to new levels and create authority around your digital marketing agency within the industry. This is perfect leverage for demonstrating your expertise and experience as well.

Proven Results and ROI

We’re saying it again – businesses will look for proven success. So to make life easier for your agency and your clients, provide measurable results and metrics so you can create in-depth progress reports to prove the value you’re you’re giving to the business. **

Another way you can prove this success is to emphasise previous successful campaigns that you’ve run. Ensure that you keep a record of all of the successes you’ve attained, in the way of growth, expansion and positive ROI. So you can easily demonstrate what your agency is good at and why businesses should work with you. The proof is in the pudding they say!

Strong Work Ethic and Reliability

Is there much more of a put-off than a sloppy work ethic or unreliable company?

Businesses don’t have time or money to waste, and first impressions are lasting ones. So demonstrating your agency’s rock-solid work ethic and unwavering reliability will ensure a solid relationship between your agency and its clients on an ongoing basis.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies overpromising and under-delivering and you don’t want yours to have that reputation!

Of course, life happens and you’re probably not going to able to hit 100% of deadlines and deliver on promises you’ve made but it definitely needs to be as close to 100% as possible. Your agency’s word is its bond and you want your clients to believe what you say and rest in the knowledge you’ll do what you’ve promised (and more!).

Never having a client chase up and answer or a progress report is an ideal situation to be in. Being proactive and taking initiative will ensure that this is possible. Reaching out regularly, doing things without the client asking you and updating them, even if it’s just to tell them there’s not yet an update will let your clients know that your agency is trustworthy and you have their best interests at heart. And not just their budgets!

Value for Money

As well as results – the number one thing you want to be known for is providing value! Offering competitive pricing and packages on top of a fantastic product or service will have them queuing up out of the (virtual) door to work with your agency.

This doesn’t necessarily mean pricing your services at the cheapest rate that you can. But ensuring that what you’re charging is competitive and that your clients will see a crazy amount of value from working with your digital marketing agency.

Again getting to know your target audience and existing clients will assist your agency in providing cost-effective solutions. In today’s climate businesses getting bang for their buck is most likely at the top of their list!

And of course, committing to buy services from an agency is an investment. So demonstrating your agency’s quality of work will help them to justify the investment of your digital marketing services!


Looking at your agency through the lens of a prospect or client will better help you understand the changes you need to make to provide the most value possible. When you provide value your clients will shout about you, building your reputation as a solid, innovative, considerate agency. Which is just the kind of reputation you want!

Follow these guidelines to better understand your clients and how you can position your agency as the authority in the digital marketing world:

  • Understanding the Client’s Needs
  • Display your expertise and experience
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Create and innovate
  • Prove Results and ROI
  • Show a strong work ethic and reliability
  • Provide value for money

Happy auditing

👋 The Insites Team