Silktide Prospect is now Insites

Insites logo with neon effect

We’re kicking off 2021 in style by launching our new name and our new brand!

Why the name change?

When we started Silktide back in 2001, we had a simple mission: to be the experts in analysing websites. Over the years a lot has changed and our product offering has evolved in two different directions. Today, we serve two very distinct markets, each with unique needs:

  • Sales-led digital marketing agencies need a fast and accurate scan that helps them sell their products. Not just websites, but SEO products, listing management and ads too.
  • The web teams inside large multinationals and government agencies need an in-depth audit that helps them manage their large web properties and meet compliance requirements.

We’ve had enough of compromising the needs of one group for the other, so from today we’re creating a new brand that’s dedicated to the needs of digital marketing agencies just like yours.

Introducing Insites

Our mission at Insites is to deliver sales & marketing intelligence to large digital agencies. Our solution suite comprises the 4 key products you’re already familiar with:

  • Prospect – White-label digital marketing audits, especially designed for the needs of sales teams
  • Acquire – Generate a stream of qualified leads by embedding a digital marketing audit into your website
  • Augment – Bulk testing for segmentation, industry analysis, and benchmarking
  • Builder – Tools to make developers more effective and guarantee high quality website production

If you sell digital marketing services to SMBs, you need Insites.

What’s in a name?

Insights about websites = Insites. Get it? We think it’s the perfect name that encompasses everything we do.

Insites logo

Our logo isn’t just aesthetically pleasing – its design is inspired by the shapes and colours found in our digital marketing audits.

After many iterations, we chose a logo device that reflects the “check component” in the platform. The graduated colours from red, through orange to green, reflect the different colours of positive, average, and negative results. We believe this is the perfect device to reflect our product and brand values. 

James Graham – Digital Designer, Insites

What does this mean for me?

We’re excited to be laser focused on making you more successful through 2021 and beyond. Behind the scenes we’re increasing the head-count of our engineering teams to deliver even more value to you.

Day-to-day, your points of contact will remain the same and the level of service you receive won’t change.

For now your contract is still with Silktide Ltd, but later in the year we will be setting up a separate legal entity for Insites. When the time comes, we’ll let you know how this impacts you.

If you white-label our platform, you shouldn’t notice any immediate change in the look & feel, but over time we’ll be working with our partners to bring you a totally updated user interface with tons of new features and time saving benefits.

If you have any concerns, please reach out to Paul, Zoe or Andrew for more information.