Scheduling reports

Photo by Curtis MacNewton

From November 4th, you and your team will be able to run Silktide Prospect reports on a scheduled basis.

Press the stopwatch symbol on the report to set up the schedule and a new analysis for the business will run automatically at the date and time you specify.

Choose how often reports are run and who will be notified of the results. You can schedule the report to run multiple times, at set times on set days, repeat at intervals and stop automatically.

This new feature is ideal for delivering a regular report to in-life customers – highlighting upsell opportunities and proving the value you have delivered.

You can also use it with prospects not ready to purchase by sending a series of reports as a value driven reminder.

Scheduled reports will be available to all users. For enterprise partners we can disable this upon request. For further assistance, contact your Silktide Prospect customer success manager.