Analyse any business, even without a website

Photo by Alexandre Godreau

Silktide Prospect now gives you the ability to analyse any business – even those without a website.

Most businesses have an online presence, but that doesn’t always include a website. A commonly requested feature for Silktide Prospect is the ability to generate a report for a business that doesn’t have a website.

Reasons you might want to do this include:

Standardize your sales process so reps always run a Prospect report on every business.
Help businesses that don’t have a website understand the importance of having one.
I’m pleased to announce that if you use Prospect with a third party listing scan integration (such as Uberall or Yext) we now offer the ability to analyse businesses that don’t have a website.

When no website is provided, we can still scan the social and local presence aspects of the business and report on those. If we discover a business website URL while scanning the business listings and profiles, we restart the scan and include the website in our analysis.

Contact your Silktide Prospect account manager to enable this feature.