Our commitment to small businesses (and the teams that support them)

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Born out of an idea nearly 10 years ago, Insites has seen many iterations over the years. But its purpose has always remained the same; Insites is a platform that has been designed to help small businesses grow by helping the folks that work with them. We talk about it a lot in our comms, but there are many ways in how we support small businesses, and why we’ve built our product around helping them succeed.

Small businesses need everyone’s help

Small businesses are constantly at risk; whether it’s from a global pandemic or the mere fact that 20% of small businesses fail in the very first year and nearly half within the first five. [Oberlo] Whilst there are many factors that impact a small business’s success (or lack of), one of the main drivers is always awareness. Though SMBs will tout for business through referrals or their network, online visibility is imperative.

However, in a world of online SEO audits, content analysing tools and Google Analytics, we noticed that many small businesses were left stranded in a sea of complex jargon and time-consuming tools that weren’t even looking at a local level in the first place. That’s why Insites was created.

Why we’re committed to supporting small

For me and the team, supporting small is as much a personal passion as well as a company value. As a team we’re remote, but we’re all joined by our passion for small business. For some, our passion for supporting small has defined where we live; I live in Belper, one of the UK’s top-rated high streets, and our marketing manager Coral is based in Romsey, one of many of Hampshire’s thriving small market towns.

But for us, it’s not just about the high street. From your local plumber to your favourite indie cafe, or even your local start-up B2B, many of the SEO tools on the market just aren’t set out to support small businesses. They’re complicated, hard to read and review, and too user-unfriendly for small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to engage with complex SEO tools.

How can we better support SMBs?

There are over 5.5 million small businesses in the UK alone and we just can’t help them all on our own. That’s why our platform is built for marketing agencies, web companies and… well anyone that works alongside SMBs. So we’ve committed to building a platform that is designed with small businesses in mind; it reports on search findings at a local level and provides insights in a language any non-marketer can understand with easy-to-follow guides on how to fix issues.

Our commitment to small businesses is to enable their growth. But to dig a bit deeper, we want to share what we value:

  • A commitment to user-friendly tools that anyone can use; from tech experts to first-time sales administrators and SMB owners themselves
  • Our tools should do what they say on the tin; whatever we offer, it should cover everything in one
  • High performance & speed across all of our products and tools
  • Ensuring our products and tools are always accurate
  • Across our products, tools, and internal behaviours, we commit to supporting small businesses

How we live our values

It’s not lost on me that talking values and living values are two different things. So we hold ourselves accountable to our values by living by some simple but important rules:

  1. Always shop and stay local Whether it’s gifts for clients, the team, or places to stay when we meet up, we always look for small businesses or independent restaurants or hotels in the local area we’re staying or visiting.
  2. Design for everyone Our platform has usability and accessibility at its forefront. We’ll always try to help our users have the information they need to improve their online performance statistics, but also deliver our content in a way that everyone can access.
  3. Consistency is key The clear goal to meet our values is to keep consistency. So we’ve committed to weekly updates (every Tuesday, if you’re interested) where we roll out key performance and speed updates as well as launch the odd new feature too.
  4. Stay true to what we promise We’re sticking to our value when we say that our products will always do what they say on the tin. No matter how Insites grows and the additional products we release, we’ll always ensure that our products will do exactly what is promised on the tin.

Want to better support small businesses?

As someone who works with small businesses, you can best support them by giving them valuable insights into their business that they can understand and takes you less than 60 seconds to generate. Find out more about what Insites offers and work with us here.

Happy auditing!

👋 Andrew
CEO, Insites
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