Competitive insight helps you sell


Competitive insight can be a key driver of purchase decisions. That’s why we’ve been working hard to add industry & location based benchmarks to Silktide Prospect so it easier than ever to show your customers how they stack up.

We’ve put together a short video tour of this brand new feature:

How it works

Once enabled, you’ll get a comparative benchmark at the top of all digital audits you run, like this:

If you click on “See how this business stacks up”, you’ll get a more detailed breakdown of how this business compares:

The comparisons are based on the last 3 months of reports from your Silktide Prospect account. This is to ensure that the comparison stays current as the web evolves.

We always try to make the most specific comparison we can. Where there’s enough data, we’ll tell you how the business compares to others in the same vertical in their city – e.g. “50% of plumbers in Manchester score higher”. But that’s not always possible – often we won’t have enough businesses to compare against. In these cases we’ll gradually widen our search until we can make a meaningful comparison. In the worst case scenario, we’ll compare against all businesses in your country – e.g. “60% of hairdressers in the UK score higher”.

This feature is currently in open beta and can be enabled from your account settings. We’d encourage you to try it out and give us feedback on how it’s working for you.