Ensure your web server is set up correctly

Many websites have invisible configuration problems that undermine their SEO, usability and performance.

Insites runs a number of standard checks on the behavior of your web servers to help:

Server behavior test

These cover:

  • 404 page – checks that the website has a working “Page not found” page, which is strongly recommended for both SEO and usability.
  • WWW redirection – best SEO and usability practice is for your website to exist either with or without a “www.” prefix, but never with both.
  • SSL – confirm that SSL is set up for the website. Google is gradually penalizing sites that don’t use SSL in both search results and the Chrome browser.
  • IP redirection – best practice is to have a unique IP address for this website point directly to the hostname.

You can choose to disable any of these checkpoints if you wish.

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