Test secure and private websites

Insites has the ability to test private websites and websites secured by login.

Many websites are secured from the public Internet, in particular websites that are under development, or which contain restricted content. Insites is able to test:

  • Websites behind HTTP authentication. Both Basic and Digest HTTP authentication are supported.
  • Websites with custom user login. Because of our unique real browser engine, Insites is able to use almost any login form or registration just like a real user. We’re not constrained to simple username / passwords – more complex access is possible.
  • Websites with access walls. For example, pages requiring a form is filled in before they can be accessed. Our real browser engine allows us to simply teach Insites what steps a real user would take.
  • Websites with complex JavaScript. Again, because of our unique engine, Insites is able to experience websites like a real user, and is uniquely capable of navigating and interacting with webpages built with JavaScript.
  • Location specific pages. For websites that are only accessible from a given geographic location (e.g. the US), we can usually configure a proxy to route Insites through that location.
  • SSL websites. Insites is unaffected by the use of SSL to secure content.

Our technology has tested complex websites that no other technology has been able to access, including corporate Intranets with multi-domain support, and pages generated via JavaScript and AJAX.

If you’d like to confirm whether we can test your most difficult websites, get in touch.

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