Divide your websites into segments

Insites allows you to divide the contents of your websites into separate segments, and review the results for each segment separately.

For example, you might segment your webpages by department, or by language.

Defining a segment based on the URL of a page

Defining a segment based on the URL of a page

Segments are ideal for separating areas of concern and assigning them to different teams. For example, you can assign responsibility for blog articles to one team, and legal pages to another. Large websites may use hundreds of segments, with some individuals assigned to many segments.

Insites calculates scores for every segment, so it is possible – for example – to review the SEO or Spelling scores for any segment within a website. When combined with Leaderboards, this can be a powerful incentive for raising standards.

Segments are defined by rules such as “include all pages inside /news/articles”, “include all German pages” or “include all pages containing this breadcrumb”. Where complex rules are necessary, we can work with you to design them.

Scheduled email reports can be assigned by segment, so a team can be notified by email when an issue occurs with their segment. And permissions can be assigned to segments, so users can only see the segments they have rights to.

There is no limit to the number of segments you can add to a website, and they have almost no impact on the time a report takes to run.

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