The Insites Engine

Insites uses pioneering technology to explore websites like a real person, using real mobile and desktop web browsers.

Traditionally automated tools can only see the code behind a website. Insites can actually interact with the resulting page.

By way of analogy, imagine if you wanted to know if a person spoke French. Traditional tools are equivalent to looking at a person’s brain cells under a microscope and trying to guess whether they know French. Insites is the equivalent of being able to talk to the actual person. Insites is therefore able to make much more sophisticated determinations than was previously possible.

Can interact with pages just like a person would, e.g. logging in, performing searches, and testing these features work. See User journeys.

Insites Traditional bot
Pages are tested in both mobile and desktop devices. Simulation of a device is impossible, no distinction can be made between mobile or desktop.
Screenshots of every page as standard. Screenshots are not possible.
Can test almost every part of any website, including areas behind JavaScript or AJAX. Completely unable to test certain web pages.
Full pages are loaded just like a real person, including images, scripts, fonts, styles. Accurate testing of all parts of a page is possible. For example, we can assess font size, mobile layout, color contrast and more. Only the code for the page is loaded. Only testing of that code possible.
Able to measure how long pages take to become interactive (usable) in real browsers. Only able to test how long page code takes to be transmitted.

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