Compare and benchmark your websites

Create leaderboards of your teams, websites and competitors.

Insites makes it easy for you to review and compare the performance of your websites and web teams.

Compare and benchmark websites

You can divide your websites into segments, and compare the performance of each. You can also compare entire websites and even competitors against each other.

Choose from over 100 metrics, drawn from the extensive list of Insites tests. For example, you could build an SEO leaderboard comparing backlink volume, social shares, followers and duplicate titles. You could then populate this leaderboard with all of your websites, and a selection of your competitors.

Alternatively, you may choose to break a large website into separate divisions, and compare them. For example, a University might compare key metrics of separate schools and departments in a leaderboard.

Leaderboards are an excellent way of summarizing top-line performance data across an organization, and can also be used to incentivize healthy competition between teams.


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