Efficiently manage manual checks for your website

Performing manual checks on a large website can be slow and expensive. Insites can help.

When you have manual website checks that you can’t automate, you can still use Insites to make them more efficient.

Tell Insites what manual checks you wish to run on your page, for example: “Is the purpose of the page clear?” and “Does the headline match the primary image?”

You can also specify rules for your checkpoints, for example, you might only ask if the headline matches the primary image on news pages with a primary image.

Insites will then ask these question for every applicable page, and record the results. Multiple users can simultaneously work through the manual checks if so desired, with Insites ensuring the same question is not asked twice.

Because Insites identifies what unique pages a website contains, there is no need to identify these and manually delegate them. And when your website updates, only the pages requiring a fresh manual check are highlighted.

Your team can be emailed scheduled reports on any issues found. You can also break your website down into segments, and notify people of issues found only within their area of responsibility.

The unique engine of Insites can test parts of your website that other tools cannot, including inside JavaScript applications, behind a login, and on mobile devices.

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