Find JavaScript errors in your website

Detect any JavaScript errors reported by your webpages.

With a large and complex site, it is easy to introduce errors in your JavaScript code by accident. Insites can detect these, and highlight them visually for every page:

JavaScript errors inspector

Each error is displayed with a complete stack trace, allowing your developers to dive into the code responsible for the issue.

Where a JavaScript error is intentional, impractical to fix, or not a concern, you can teach Insites to ignore it.

Selected members of your team can be emailed automated reports when JavaScript errors occur. You can even divide websites into segments, and notify people of issues in their area of responsibility.

Because Insites uses real browsers to test every page, we experience JavaScript errors as we browse your website, just like a user would. Insites simulates both a mobile and desktop device, and is able to experience errors inside restricted areas of your website, like inside a checkout or registration form.

This is just one of Insites’ many tests.

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