Measure your compliance with the EU e-Privacy Directive

The EU e-Privacy Directive – often called the ‘cookie law’ – requires that websites disclaim when they use cookies or other technologies to track users.

Insites scans all of the pages within your website, and can tell you which are affected by this legislation:

Viewing page compliance with the e-Privacy Directive

Viewing page compliance with the e-Privacy Directive

Specifically this test identifies:

  • Pages using cookies or equivalent trackable technologies.
  • The technologies responsible for those cookies, where known. e.g. Insites will identify Google Analytics specifically, as well as the cookies used by Google Analytics.
  • Pages disclaiming their use of cookies via a recognized solution, or via a custom disclaimer.

By using this test, you can identify pages which make use of tracking technologies but which do not disclaim as much, thereby signifying non-compliance.

You can also use this test to identify the cookies used by your website, and the technologies responsible for those cookies wherever possible. Insites includes an explanation of each technology, together with a link to the privacy policies of these third parties, aiding you in writing your own privacy or cookie policy.

Insites can email your team reports containing any issues it finds, on a schedule you decide. You can also break your website down into segments, and notify people of issues found only within their area of responsibility.

The unique engine of Insites can test parts of your website that other tools cannot, including inside JavaScript applications, behind a login, and on mobile devices.

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