Check your website's spelling

Ensure your website is free from spelling mistakes, with automated spell checking.

Insites detects potential spelling errors and highlights them visually for every page.


The spell check covers 39 languages, and can handle multiple languages on a single webpage. Recommended corrections are shown for each potential misspelling. You can drill down into the code for any issue.

Users can teach Insites which words are definitely misspelled, and which words should be added to your own dictionary. Insites learns from your feedback, and categorizes other pages accordingly.

You can also choose to exclude parts of your website or webpages that are not appropriate to check. For example, you may wish to exclude user generated content, like comments or a Twitter feed.

Your team can be emailed automated reports on any spelling errors within your website. You can even divide websites into segments, and notify people of issues in their area of responsibility.

The unique engine of Insites can detect spelling errors inside parts of your website that other tools cannot, including in JavaScript, behind a login, and on mobile devices.

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