Detect missing files in your website

Automatically detect any missing images, fonts, scripts and more used by your webpages.

We’ve all seen webpages where an image is missing, or part of the page fails to load. Insites detects these missing files and highlights them visually for every page.

Missing files inspector

We detect any kind of missing file used by a webpage, including images, scripts, CSS and fonts. You can dive into the code responsible for the issue.

Where a missing file is intentional (e.g., you deny permission to a file), you can teach Insites to ignore it.

Insites can keep you and your team up to date via automated email reports. You can divide websites into segments, and notify people of just the issues in their area of responsibility.

Insites uses real browsers to test every page, making it possible to detect missing files loaded by JavaScript, and inside restricted areas of your website, like inside a checkout or registration form.

You can choose to exclude parts of your website or webpages where missing files are not appropriate to check. For example, you may wish to exclude user generated content, like a discussion forum.

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