Fix broken pages in your website

Automatically detect missing and broken pages within your website.

Insites detects pages which are fundamentally broken, including pages which are blank, missing, or displaying error messages:

List of broken pages

This includes so-called HTTP errors (404, 500 etc.), but also serious problems that other tools will not detect, like pages with no content, and pages where an error message is displayed. For example, if a message like “Database connection error” appears on your pages, Insites will detect it.

In addition to finding these pages, their percentage and change over time is recorded, making it easy to see what percentage of your site is operational at any time.

You can choose to automatically email your team when missing files are found. Your websites can be divided into segments, so that people only see issues in the pages which concern them.

Insites looks at your websites with real mobile and desktop browsers, allowing for it to detect faults that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, part of your website may be malfunctioning on mobile, and with a large website this is easy to miss.

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