Find and fix your website's broken links

Check that the links within your website all work as expected.

Insites automatically detects broken links and highlights them visually for every page.


Links are broken down as internal or external, with internal links (those pointing to your own websites) taking priority.

Permitted users may choose to ignore a broken link, so long as they provide a auditable reason. For example, you may prefer to leave older blog articles as they were, even if they link to sites which no longer exist.

Our broken link detection is extremely sophisticated, and is not fooled by technical issues which confuse most link checking tools. In particular, we can test pages which are behind a login, and those which try to stop bots from seeing them.

You can choose to exclude parts of your website or webpages where broken links are not appropriate to check. For example, you may wish to exclude user’s comments.

Insites can notify your team members via email when broken links are discovered. You can divide your websites into segments, and notify people of just the issues in their area of responsibility.

The unique engine of Insites can detect broken links inside parts of your website that other tools cannot, including in JavaScript, behind a login, and on mobile devices.

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