Measure social interest in your webpages

Measure how often the pages in your website are being shared.

Insites identifies the number of times every page in your website has been shared in Facebook:

See how often each webpage is shared over time

See how often each webpage is shared over time

Engagements measured include the number of shares, comments, reactions and private messages containing or relating to the specific page. For example, if you page is shared on Facebook, and that share is commented on, this activity is detected here.

All engagements are tracked and graphed over time. You can see how many shares each webpage is receiving per week. And you can set your own social targets  – like a minimum number of shares per week – to be scored against. It can be useful to base these targets on your best competitors and peers.

Your team can choose to receive automated social interest reports via email, on a schedule you choose. You can even divide websites into segments, and notify people of interest within their area of responsibility.

This is just one of Insites’ many tests.

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