Track and improve your Facebook pages

Measure how effective your Facebook pages are, and receive artificially intelligent recommendations on how to improve them.

Insites tracks key performance metrics for your Facebook pages, including how frequently you post, and the average engagements per post:


Insites uses pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify which of your posts are most effective, and to suggest what you could do to make future posts even more effective.

Specifically, Insites will recommend:

  • Types of content to post (text, image, video etc.)
  • What time of day to post
  • What day of week to post
  • Length of content to post

This information is completely custom and constantly adapting based on what works for you.

Smart recommendations for your Facebook pages

All key metrics are tracked and graphed over time, and you can set your own targets to be scored against. For example, you can state that your Facebook page must be updated 5 times a week, and should be gaining at least 50 likes per day.

Insites can email your team scheduled status reports on your Facebook page. If you have multiple pages, they can be assigned to different people.

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