Detect duplicate content within your website

Identify and remove duplicate content within your website.

As a core tenant of SEO, a website should avoid duplicating the same content over multiple pages. Insites identifies and highlights duplicate page within your site:

Examples of duplicate content being detected

Examples of duplicate content being detected

You can also drill down into where a duplicate page has come from – i.e., what pages link to it, and what pages link to those, and so on. This makes it easy to identify issues that otherwise might easily be missed.

Insites automatically uses this information to excludes duplicate pages from any other tests. Say your website has 1,000 normal pages, plus 1,000 duplicates of these pages, only the original 1,000 pages will count against your page limit. This saves you money and avoids confusion in other tests – for example, you won’t see your spelling errors duplicated needlessly.

Your team can be notified of duplicate pages via automated email reports. You can even divide your pages into segments, and notify people of duplicate content just in their area of responsibility.

Duplicate content is usually a result of a technology choice by your website, and can be difficult to fix by itself. In such cases, Google and other search engines recommend the use of canonical tags, which this test also detects.

A page is considered a duplicate if it contains almost identical content (text and images) to another with a different web address. Very minor differences to content, and invisible differences to code are ignored.

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