Measure backlinks pointing to your website

Identify and measure links pointing to your website.

The volume and quantity of backlinks is one of the most important measures of a website’s off-page optimization for search engines. Insites detects backlinks and tracks them over time:

Measure backlinks over time

Measure backlinks over time

You can see which links carry the most value – i.e., which are from the most authoritative sources – where they come from, what text they contain, and what they link to.

Insites also records your link volume and graphs this over time.

You can set your own targets for this test, including the total number of backlinks desired, and the rate at which you are gaining backlinks. It can be useful to base your targets on your best competitors and peers.

Your team can be automatically emailed a report on the state of your backlinks on a schedule you decide.

Link data is provided by Ahrefs and drill-down is limited to the top 1,000 links by default. There is no limit on how many links may be counted. You may increase these limits on request.

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