Test if features in your website work as expected

Test a series of instructions that represent common user journeys, and be alerted whenever they fail.

Insites has the ability to conduct complex interactions with a website, such as to fill in a registration form, or add an item to a shopping basket.

User journey test

Example of a user journey to make an inquiry

Normally these types of interaction are invisible to automated tools, but because Insites uses real browsers to test your website, it can be taught to do anything that your real users can.

Once Insites has been taught a ‘User Journey’, it can test that case on a regular basis (e.g., every minute) to ensure that it is working, and operating quickly enough. You can be alerted if anything goes wrong.

An example User Journey might be:

  1. Go to the homepage
  2. Click in the search box
  3. Type “widget” and press Enter
  4. Wait up to 10 seconds for a new page to load
  5. Confirm that the new page contains the heading “Search results”
  6. Confirm the search results contain the word “widget”
  7. Confirm there is a link to the widgets page

If any of these steps fail – e.g., if a new page did not load within 10 seconds, or the results did not include the widgets page – then an alert would be raised. Your team can also receive automated performance reports on a schedule you choose.

Insites also tracks the percentage of success and failures over time, and records a history of all steps and all attempts, with screenshots and HTML for each. This makes it possible to review and diagnose faults after they occur.

User Journeys are a premium Insites feature, available on request. Contact us for more information.

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