Measure the speed of your website

Ensure that your website performs quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Insites measures the speed of every page in your website, including how long a page takes to respond, how long it takes to become usable, and how long it needs to load completely.


All of these checks are conducted on both mobile and desktop devices, using a simulated bandwidth that you choose – for example, 3G or 4G for mobile. You can also specify what performance you consider fast, acceptable, and slow.

Insites provides a comprehensive array of optimization suggestions for each page, which you can explore visually:

Speed test inspector

Specific checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Blocking CSS and JavaScript
  • GZIP compression
  • File size
  • Image compression
  • Code minification
  • Use of CDNs
  • Cache headings

You may drill into a detailed list of resources used by each page, and the sequence in which they were loaded.

Insites can email your team automated speed reports on a regular schedule. You can even divide websites into segments, and report to people based on the pages they are responsible for.

The unique engine of Insites can measure the speed of parts of your website that other tools cannot, including inside JavaScript, behind a login, or even during a checkout process.

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