Ensure your webpages work on mobile

Detect whether your pages work properly on mobile devices.

Insites uses pioneering technology to load every page of your website in a simulated mobile device, and to test whether that page appears properly on that device.

Mobile page in inspector

Insites can detect many common layout issues, including:

  • Pages where the content is too wide to fit, resulting in a horizontal scrollbar.
  • Pages where text is too small to read.
  • Pages where clickable areas are too small for touch.
  • Pages not designed for mobile at all.

It simply isn’t practical to test a 10,000 page website regularly in a mobile phone, and so layout glitches are extremely common on large website. Insites automates this entire process.

Mobile layout overview

We also make it easy to distinguish between pages which are not designed for mobile, and pages which are, but which still have issues. This is handy when deciding what needs to be completely redesigned, and what needs a quick fix.

You can also see what every page looks like on a mobile phone via the Screenshots test.

Insites also runs all of our usual tests for mobile and desktop, including as spelling, broken links, JavaScript errors and more.

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