See a screenshot of every page in your website

Browse screenshots of every page within your websites, in both mobile and desktop devices.

Insites presents a complete, searchable list of screenshots for every page in your website:

Reviewing mobile screenshots

Reviewing mobile screenshots

It is almost impossible to manually review every page in a large website without help – you have to remember everything you have already seen, and keep track of the pages you’ve yet to look at. Insites can reduce this to a simple list of screenshots for you to skim through in minutes.

The list of screenshots is extremely useful for:

  • Identifying out of date pages – such as pages which have old branding, or retired product offerings.
  • Identifying broken pages – such as pages with broken layouts, or pages not optimized for mobile.
  • Preparing for a redesign – when preparing to redesign a website, a grid of screenshots for every existing page can help understand the scope and range of the existing website.
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