List all of the pages in your website

Identify all of the pages within your websites, including private and interactive areas.

Insites uses sophisticated technology to discover and explore all of the pages within your website:

List of desktop pages

List of desktop pages

Traditional website crawlers can only identify public pages that are linked to via plain links. Insites uses revolutionary technology to go much further:

  • Explore in mobile and desktop. Insites simulates a mobile and a desktop device, and explores your website fully with both. Insites can access areas otherwise only confined to a single device.
  • Explore JavaScript applications. Because Insites uses real browsers, it is able to execute JavaScript applications and even interact with them like a person can. Most tools simply cannot see content created with JavaScript.
  • Perform complex interactions. With User Journeys, you may teach Insites to perform manual steps like a real user, such as adding an item to a shopping basket and checking out. Insites is therefore able to discover areas behind forms, such as search results, registration and thank you pages.
  • Explore secured pages. Insites has the ability to log in to a website, both via HTTP authentication and via any kind of website form (e.g. username and password).
  • Exclude duplicate pages. Insites automatically detects and excludes duplicate pages, meaning you don’t have to set complex rules to exclude badly behaved web applications.

Your team can be emailed automated reports on any pages found within your website, including new pages. You can even divide websites into segments, and notify people of issues in their area of responsibility.

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