Identify the outgoing links in your website

Automatically discover all of the pages and websites that your websites link to.

Insites identifies every page and website that your websites link to:

Viewing a list of websites linked to by this website

Viewing a list of websites linked to by this website

You can view screenshots of every website linked to, and search all of your outgoing links.

This test is particularly useful for:

  • Identifying where you link to your own websites. If you own a family of related websites, you may often wish to review and optimize the links between them.
  • Reviewing the integrity of websites you link to. In particular, you may wish to check that websites you once linked to have not subsequently changed – at worst, some sites may have been purchased by scammers or become offensive in nature.

In addition to detecting traditional outgoing links, Insites is able to detect meta-refresh and even JavaScript redirections to other websites, as it tests every page using real web browsers.

If you wish to prohibit specific outgoing links, see Custom checks.

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