Identify the contact details on your website

Discover all the contact details on your website, automatically.

Insites detects contact information within your website, and highlights them visually on every page:

Reviewing contact details visually on a page

Reviewing contact details visually on a page

You may choose to approve or reject any contact found – for example, marking an old phone number for removal.

This test is particularly useful for identifying contacts from departed members of staff. You can easily search for specific contact information, and find all pages containing that contact.

Contact details are extracted from text, links and metadata. This means that a phone number simply written on a page will be detected, but so will mobile links to call a phone number, or a hCard microformat.

You can choose to exclude parts of your website that are not appropriate to inspect. For example, you may wish to exclude contact details inside user generated content, like comments or a Twitter feed.

Your team can be regularly emailed a report on any contact details within your website. You can also divide websites into segments, and notify people of contacts found within their area of responsibility.

The unique engine of Insites can detect contact details inside parts of your website that other tools cannot, including in JavaScript, behind a login, and on mobile devices.

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