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Our mission is to make the web a better place.

We believe the best way to do this is through smart software: software that helps people understand and improve their websites.

The web is one of the most transformative forces for good in human history. But too much opportunity is lost to poor user experiences, failing technology and mismanagement. Insites detects these problems and opportunities, and helps people act upon them.

Insites technology tested 21 million websites in 2015 alone, and we’re just getting started.

Over 1,000 happy clients including
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Why we’re special

There are many tools which can test one aspect of a website – like accessibility, speed, or social – but Insites was designed to cover all of these and more. We built a world-class architecture for analyzing websites, and added a management layer for collaborative work on top. Think of Insites as an operating system for improving websites.

Think of Insites as an operating system for improving websites.

Insites is able to explore webpages like a real person, in real browsers, on both mobile and desktop devices – something that no other platform can. We’re able to interact with these pages like a real person too, allowing us to check complex user journeys, like signing up, or making a purchase on your site. We can even test how your website works in different browsers.

By building a platform for all of these things, we’re able to expand what tests we can cover at a far faster rate than ever before. We can develop custom tests on demand, and we plan to open our platform for extension by third parties in the future.


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